Welcome to the Red Barn Country Store Kids Corner. I'm Arnold, the official mascot here at the Red Barn. I, and all of my animal friends at the Red Barn Country Store, would like to welcome you to our corner of the website. First, I would like to introduce the animals to you. There is  Matilda the donkey; our goat family, including Baby, our friendliest goat; our sheep Tom and Jerry; our pot-bellied pigs, kune kune pigs named Louis & Vinnie; an Emu named Dino; our chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks & bunny rabbits.  All of our animals love animal cookies, which we have inside the store.  We do not charge a set fee to come and visit/feed our animals, but appreciate donations to our "piggy bank" to help us buy animal cookies & feed.

If you are ever in the area we hope that you will stop by the store and visit us. We love visitors (especially little ones!) If you come to the Red Barn Country Store you'll find an outdoor play area and picnic tables near the animals. Inside the store we have a special room just for kids complete with an indoor sandbox! This way Mom & Dad don't have to worry about them while they're shopping.

Don't forget to ask your parents to sign you up for our monthly Kid's Newsletter that I send out. It has all kinds of information about up and coming special events, interesting facts about the farm and animals, and  a puzzle or word find!


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