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In 2003 we purchased this property and barn & opened it as the Red Barn Country Store & Farm. We've had 20 GREAT YEARS here operating our country store. After closing the store, Farmer Keith has turned it into a party and rental venue with 2 party rooms and a small mini golf room. We have strived to offer a relaxing "family friendly" environment where families could bring their kids and grandkids to enjoy our farm animals.  Farmer Keith continues to have our Red Barn Farm Animals outside for the kids to visit and feed. 


Keith also continues to build his handcrafted items and is open on Saturdays, some Sunday's & by appointment. 

Farmer Keith has always strived to have every kid (no matter how big or how small) feel comfortable and loved here on the farm, striving always to create a memorable experience for the whole family.  We have never charged a fee to visit the animals over the past 20 years and the store has pretty much paid the bills for the farm.  Well, now that there's no store, there's no extra money for the farm.  We know that our economy has been difficult for many of us and we're asking for your help when you come out and visit us and our animals.  Ask how you can become a MONTHLY DONOR to help us out...not just us, but Matilda the Donkey, Angus the Cow, Miss Piggy, our pig and all the other animals on our farm.  They eat alot of hay and alot of animal feed everyday.  All of our visitors to the farm require us to have a pretty good insurance policy that we have to pay for every month, and Farmer Keith...well, he works for FREE!  Ask us today how you, your friends, your organization or your business can help us out and BLESS US!

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